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Changing your compressor oil

Changing out your York Compressor Oil

Part #:

When you receive your compressor it will have refrigerant oil in it.  This can be bad for air systems, especially ones like the AiROCK.  I changed out the oil and added normal 10W-30 Motor oil.  Non-synthetic.

Additional Parts:
10W-30 Motor Oil (12-16oz)
Small diameter Hose
Tools Needed:
Combo Wrench
Turkey Baster
Measuring Cup


1. Assemble your parts.  I used a plastic measuring cup (since I didn't want to hear it about putting oil in one used for cooking).  I also cut the end off of a turkey baster and inserted a small diameter hose into the end of it.  This will be used to suck out the oil from the compressor.  Now if you have not installed the compressor yet, you can just remove the two fittings and drain the oil out of it that way.
Turkey Baster
2. Remove the oil return hose.
return fitting
3. Remove the oil return fitting from the side of the compressor.
return fitting
fitting removed
4. Use the turkey baster to remove the oil from the compressor.  This takes some time.  I measured it out into the measuring cup so that I could see how much oil was in the compressor.  Normally this will be between 12-16oz.
turkey baster inserted
5. Clean out the measuring cup and turkey baster.  Fill the measuring cup with the same amount of oil that you removed (12-16oz) and used the turkey baster as your funnel to refill the compressor.
Turkey baster as funnel
6. Reassemble the oil return line. reassemble fitting


  N-m Ft. Lbs. In. Lbs.

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