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Silverstar Headlights

Silverstar Headlights

Part #: H13(9008)

One morning I suddenly didn't have a headlight working, so time to upgrade a little bit. I currently didn't feel a great big need to go HID's, so since I needed to spend the money on at least one new lamp, I figured I would upgrade to a little brighter light. The Silverstars had worked well in my old TJ's, so I looked for them again for the JK.

Additional Parts:

Tools Needed:
#2 phillips screwdriver
T-15 torx screwdriver


Silverstar replacement lights.
Stock headlights.
Removal and Installation:
You will need to remove the grill to gain access to the screws that hold the lenses into the headlight buckets. Remove the six (6) phillips head push retainers from the top of the grill. You will need to use very light pressure on the phillips screwdriver to get these to back out. They can be a real pain. Then just pull the grill forward. The bottom is held in by some tabs.
Becareful of how much pressure you put on the wiring to the turn signals. I would recommend pulling out on the red tab and removeing the connector so that you can put the grill aside instead of working over it.
Remove the 4 torx screws from the headlight retainer ring with a T-15 torx screwdriver. Do not lose these screws.
Pull out on the red tab and remove the wiring connector from the bulb. Twist the bulb and remove it. Do not touch the bulb glass with your fingers.
Open up the new silverstars from the package. Do not touch the bulb glass with your fingers. Quick comparison of the old and new bulbs. Not much of a difference.
I tried to get a picture of the difference between the two lights, but it was to bright outside to get a good pictue. The silverstars are white compared to the yellow of the factory lights and do appear to put out more light on the road at night.


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