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Tri-County Gear Rear Track Bar Brace

Tri-County Gear Rear Track Bar Brace

Part #:

This is another piece of added precaution.  I've read a few articles of the rear track bar mount breaking the welds at the axle due to the additional leverage put on it by the aftermarket track bar brackets and higher lifts.  I may never have had a problem with them, but this was a fairly inexpensive part, so why not add the extra precaution.  This adds additional bracing support to the differential.  This part shows up painted bright blue.  Now not to offend any fashion police (Friends daughter) out there about all the different colors under my jeep I decided to paint them black.

Additional Parts:
1/2-13x3" Grade 5 bolt
Tools Needed:
4" extension
13mm Socket
9/16" Socket
3/4" Socket
9/16" Combo Wrench
3/4" Combo Wrench
15/16" Combo Wrench
3/16" Allen Wrench


The bracket came painted blue, so I repainted it black. TCG brace parts
1. Jack up the vehicle and place it on jack stands so that you can actually access the differential cover bolts. rear diff upper bolts
2. Use the 13mm socket to remove the 3 bolt (2 on top, 1 on left side) on the differential. Remove bolts
3. Now bolt up the TCG differential bracket with the 3 supplied bevel bolts.  You will need the 3/16" allen wrench to install these. install diff bracket diff bracket installed
4. Now you will need to remove the bolt from the stock track bar axle bracket.  I had the RE bracket installed so I needed a 3/4" socket and combo wrench.  If you have the stock setup still you will need a T-55 Torx. remove track bar bracket
5. I noticed that the TCG brace was offset slightly and angled on it's arm.  Don't know if this was intentional or not. arm angled top view of arm

6. Now adjust the length of the arm until both bolt holes (track bar bracket and TCG diff bracket) line up.

arm measurement adjustment

7. Reinstall the bolt for the stock track bar axle bracket.  This is where I needed to install the longer bolt so that I could actually screw the nut on with some engagement of the threads. Do not tighten down all the way yet.

install bolt trackbar
8. Once you have that installed, insert the bolt, lock washer and nut through the TCG differential bracket and tighten down with a 9/16" socket and combo wrench.  Now go back and tighten the trackbar axle bracket bolt. connect arm to diff
9.  All done. brace fully installed


Ft. Lbs.
In. Lbs.
Differential Cover Bolts 41 30 -
REAR Track Bar Axle Bracket Bolt 100 74 -

This page last updated: 16-Apr-2008

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