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Steel Horse Inclinometer


Part #:

I know I never look at this thing when I am driving, but it is fun for the passengers to stare at.  My inclinometer is how much grip I have on the seat cushion with my rear, or when my passenger sucks in their breath.  This is one item from Steel Horse that actually works and is of decent quality in my opinion. 

Additional Parts:
Extra length of wire
Tools Needed:
Phillips Screwdriver (cordless?)
small flat tip screwdriver



1.  I have forever seen these mounted on the dash.  The 2003's have this plastic surround for the windshield so that they can route the wires for the new rear view mirror.  I had it mounted above the mirror on my '99, so I figured I would put it back there again.  Mount the bracket.  Check to make certain there are no wires close before you put the screws in.  I just zipped them in with the old Black & Decker cordless screwdriver (Christmas present). bracket above mirror
2. Remove the center dash surround by carefully prying up the defroster molding  defroster panel removed
3. Then  remove the 2 screws from the top of the surround.   center dash screws
4. Now pry off the surround.  Make certain all the clips came out of the dash.  If they didn't then just pull them out with a pliers and put them back on what you removed.  

Note: the older TJ's have a screw in behind the ash tray that needs to be removed.

pulling out retainer clips

pulling off center dash
5.  Remove the 2 screws holding the heater controls to the dash.  Some Jeeps may have 4 screws here. remove heater control
7.  decided to wire it into the dimming circuit for the dash. Now if you look at the back of the heater control you will see a wiring harness in the center of the unit.  Unplug it. wires to control
8. On the plug you will see a red clip, carefully undo it and pull it out.  Don't yank on the wires, they may pull out of the connector.  Look inside the connector you will see the metal ends of the wires.  This is where the wires will touch.   I determined that the orange (power) and black (ground) were the two wires that I needed to tap. dimmer harness
9. I needed to extend the wiring from the Inclinometer to reach the heater controls.  I routed the wiring inside the plastic surround and back in behind the dash.  
10. So I put the two wires from the Inclinometer down along side them and reinserted the red clip making certain the wires were touching them.  If you ever remove this in the future, you can just pull the wires out and it looks just like you got it.  Works great at the dealership, no signs of spliced wires.

inserting wires

reinstalling clip

11. Put everything back on in reverse order. 

side view top view front view

Now you may be wondering how to adjust the gauges since it is pointing down.  Look at the case for the inclinometer, you will noticed where the cover snaps into the housing, carefully put a screwdriver into the edge on the top or bottom and pull it off.  Once you have the cover off, you will notice 4 screws that hold the gauge face on, pull of the gauge face and you will have access to the weights.  The weights are on a shaft, so all you have to do is either hold the weights and move the face, or the opposite.  Now put it all back together.

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