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Kilby Welder Tray

Kilby Welder Tray

Part #:

Now since I had removed my air box in the past, I wanted to use the space vacated from it to mount an electrical center and eventually a welder. Kilby just released their new welder tray, and a quick check said that it will work with my OBA system from Kilby. Okay this wasn't quite the truth as the web site said at that time. I did end up having to modify the plate for it to fit around the OBA bracket.

Additional Parts:
Tools Needed:
Flat Tip Screwdriver
7/16" Combo Wrench
10mm Combo Wrench
7/16" Socket
5/16" Socket
Angle Grinder


Removing the Air Box (you will need a new filter for it)
1. Loosen the hose clamp holding the air tube to the air box. This requires a flat tip screwdriver.
loosen hose clamp
2. Pull air tube off air box top and unclamp top of air box. Set aside.
3. Remove air filter
4. Remove 3 bolts holding the air box to fender. This will require a 5/16” socket, extension and a 10mm Combo wrench for the nuts underneath.
nuts in fender well
5. Remove bottom of air box. (Recommend putting the box back together so you don’t lose any parts) bolts inside the box box removed
6. Take this chance to clean off the area under where the air box was.  Mine was pretty dirty. fender cleaned up
Install the welder tray
Not a whole lot of pieces.  Though you do get lots of nuts and bolts with this one.  All the nuts and bolts require a 7/16" Combo Wrench and Socket. welder tray parts
1. Now test fit your welder tray. It should fit if you don’t have OBA, but if you do you will need to see if there are any clearance issues with it. Mine did not fit, it sat on top of the OBA bracket for the KE-2000 kit. Therefore, I needed to modify it so that it fit around.
welder tray interference
top view OBA vs tray
notching the plate
notch in plate
notch in plate
notch in plate
2. I checked the threads on the 2 mounting posts on the bottom side of the welder tray, one had some powder coat in it, so I needed to clean it out before the bolt would thread in. It will be hard to line up these holes once you go to thread the bolts in, so you'll be pretty much be doing it blind.
clean up the bolt holes in tray
3. If you choose to leave the welder bracket off the base plate continue on to step # 5. The welder bracket is adjustable forward/ backwards, left and right, so you can position a welder (Premier) in about any directions. Place the welder bracket on the base plate with the taller side to the inside of the jeep. Note: if you already have a welder you can bolt it in place prior to installing the bracket on the base plate. Though I believe that it may be easier to get the plate in if it is left until the plate is installed in the Jeep.
welder bracket
4. Install the welder bracket to the base plate using 4 bolts, 4 nuts, and 8 washers. Leave these loose until you can check the fit of the bracket under the hood.
bolt welder bracket to tray side view assembled
5. Place the assembly into the Jeep. Install 1 bolt and washer from underneath into the 2 mounting posts, do not tighten.
new bolts installed 
6. Line up the back mounting hole and insert a bolt, 2 washers and a nut.
tray in engine bay 
7. Check for clearance around the plate.
8. Now tighten everything down.  assembly complete 


  N-m Ft. Lbs. In. Lbs.

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