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ScanGauge II

ScanGauge II

Part #:

Chrysler decided to leave out quite a few gauges in the new Jeep Wranglers. I looked around for a few ideas and based upon price and ease of use I choose to add a ScanGauge to the JK. This way I can monitor a few different parameters, have history, view and reset codes. Besides with the way gas is now, I need to try and conserve as much as I can driving this beast down the road. It's bad when your Jeep budget is eaten up by your gas tank.

Additional Parts:
Isopropel Alcohol

Tools Needed:
Flat tip screwdriver


Here's what you get.
1. The hardest part is finding a good location. Now eventually I will relocate this up onto the roll cage when I get it installed, so for the time being I put it right on top of the steering column. It just blocks the lower half of the odometer.
2. Clean off the bottom of the scangauge and the top of the steering column with a little alcohol and apply the velcro strips to both. I stuck the two pieces together and stuck them on the bottom of the scan gauge first. Then I found a good position for the scangauge and peeled the tape off the bottom and adhered it to the steering column.
3. Remove the panels from underneath the steering column. The bottom panel pulls out from the top. It is very flexible and just has some plastic retainers holding it in. The top panel needs to be pulled out on each side at the very top. This is a little more difficult and might require a flat tip screwdriver to get into the grove to work it free.
Note: Do not try to pull out the top panel from the bottom, you will break the clips holding it in.
4. Feed the cable up inside the dash and behind the steering column, you could try to do this trying to lay on the floor looking under the dash, but why go through the pain.
5. Plug the cable into the back of the scangauge. There are two options, back and side to plug into depending upon your location. This looks like a standard cat 5e or 6 cable so you could possibly extended it.
6. Plug the end of the cable into the diagnostic port underneath the dash.
7. Now it's time to set up your scangauge to work with your vehicle. You will need to know your engine size, what your gas tank size is, what type of gas you use, and if you need to do any speed adjustments due to tires or gears. The book has ton's of information on setting this thing up and all the different readings you can display. Though I won't recommend watching the miles per gallon reading for to long, it gets kind of depressing seeing it sit so low..
Couple more pictures.


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