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Whats New

What's New

22 Mar 18 Added TeraFlex Steering Stabilizer for the JK's
23 Feb 18 Added Quick Fists Roll Bar Mount.
08 Feb 18 Updated the gas mileage for the 2012 finally. Haven't done this in over a year. I actually lost about 1 mpg going up to the 35's and it has stayed pretty consistant with that number.
03 Feb 18 Added 3rd brake light install on the Exo-Rack.
29 Jan 18 Added Extra Reverse lights for Exo-Rack.
11 Jan 18 Added Vector's Exo-Rack install.
21 Dec 17 Added Blue Seas Systems USB charger in the Dash for the 2012+ JK.
14 Sep 17 Added TeraFlex coil spring retainers for the JK.
31 Aug 17 Added TeraFlex Dana 44 Covers, and Teraflex Brake Line Anchors for the JK.
29 Aug 17 Added Mic Holder and Synergy Rear Anti-sway bar links for the JK.
11 Aug 17 Added pages for Extreme Terrain's Throttle Out, Clean Trails Initiative and Jeeps at the Farm.
08 Jun 17 Added Hood Blackout by AlphaVinyl for the JK.
19 Apr 17 Added Door Handle Inserts for the JK and Troubleshooting the P0128 Coolant trouble code for the JK.
03 Mar 17 Added Synergy's Rear Trackbar brace and adjustable rear trackbar for the JK.
17 Feb 17 Added Crawler Conceptz Body Mounted Tire Carrier and Crawler Conceptz Hi-Lift Jack Holder for the JK.
21 Oct 16 Added Anker Power Drive 5 USB charger..
19 Aug 16 Added Rugged Ridge Taillight guards for the JK. Somehow I wrote this up and never posted it.
16 Aug 16 Added CB Radio for the JK's and Level 8 Strike 5 Wheels.
15 Aug 16 Finally updated the 2012's gas mileage.
12 Aug 16 Added BFGoodrich KO2's.
09 Aug 16 Added Poison Spyder A-pillar light mount, Pilot LED pod Lights for the JK's.
23 Oct 15 Added Jeep Multi-tool and spanner to Miscellaneous and Genesis Offroad's Dual Battery tray for the JK's.
22 Jul 15 Added EVO Manufacturing's EVAP Skid and Protek skid system for the JK's.
12 Mar 15 Added Vector Offroad JKEdock 2011+ Full Width dash bar for the JK's.
19 Jan 15 Added PIZZAZZ ARTWORK Gallery
20 Nov 14 Added Eddie Bauer Folding Shovel, JK DIY Dash Bar and JK Attitude Front Emblem.
03 Nov 14 Added SpiderTrax spacers for the JK and Gavan FRED emergency lights.

16 Jun 14

Added ARB Winch Cable Damper, Brake Bleeding fixed an incorrect ratio for the JK transmissions.
22 Apr 14 Added wheel backspacing.
12 Apr 14 Added ARB Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit.
26 Nov 13 Added Antenna X for the JK's.
01 Nov 13 Added Tuffy Concealed Carry Drawer for the JK's.
29 Oct 13 Added M.O.R.E. Driver Side Dead Pedal for the JK's.
22 Oct 13 Added DIY rear spring retainers for the JK's and finally updated mileage on the 2012 JK.
29 Jul 13 Added Rugged Ridges Winch Cable Stop.
25 Jul 13 Added EVO's vacuum pump relocation bracket for 2012+ JK's.
16 Jul 13 Added PolyPerformance Exhaust Spacers for 2012+ for the JK's. Daystar D-Ring Isolators and Rugged Ridge Winch Pull Strap for the JK's and TJ's.
03 Jul 13 Added RockKrawlers Spring Correction Wedges for the JK's.
28 Jun 13 Added Front OEM Brake lines to the Rear for the JK's.
20 Jun 13 Added RockKrawler Stock Mod for the JK's.
14 Apr 13 Added Grill Screws for the JK's.
13 Feb 13 Added Engine Oil Change for the JK 3.6L and 5 tire rotation.
17 Oct 12 Added Gear Ratio Charts for the JK.
12 Oct 12 Added Drain Plugs for the JK.
11 Oct 12 Added Teraflex CB mount for the JK.
20 Sept 12 Updated Mileage for the 2012.
18 Sept 12 Sorry got a little involved watching Stargate SG-1 Series from the first movie all the way through the two direct to DVD movies. Long series, but I'm back working on the site again. Updated Teraflex 2.5" Budget Boost with some before and after lift numbers. Added some information I found on the W5A580 Transmission. Added the 3000 mile update for first impressions.
30 May 12 Added Soft Top Window Hangers to Mechanical. Teraflex 2.5" Budget Boost to JK.
16 May 12 Added How to Remove the Vents to 2012 Mechanical and Trim Paint to 2012 JK.
11 May 12 Added How to Remove the Dash Panel to 2012 Mechanical.
27 April 12 Added Jeep Grab Handles and Jeep Coat Hanger for the JK. Added Optima Battery for the 2012 JK.
26 April 12 Added First Impressions on the 2012 JK to 2012 JK Trail.
25 April 12

Added Fuses, Lamps and Labels, Lubrication and Fluids to 2012 JK Mechanical.

23 April 12 Added Cabin Air Filter for the 2012 JK and cleaning the soft top.
19 April 12 Updated 2012 Brochures, added Axle Breather Extensions for the JK.
03 April 12 Created 2012 Trail and added Rubicon Information, Mileage and 2012 Brochures.
30 March 12 Added Clayton 4.5" suspension lift for the JK.
26 March 12 Finally updated Mileage for the 4 door JK.
20 March 12 Added River Raider Skid plates for the JK.
13 March 12 Added JK Rear Brakes Pads to the repair and rebuilds section.
12 March 12 Had a major computer crash after the last update and finally managed to recover the website and restore the web authoring software so I can work on this again.
Updated the history and the old Jeeps pages with the new 2012 Jeep.
Added JKS Front Adjustable Trackbar and Home Made Extended Swaybar Links for the JK.
Added JK Steering Shaft and Norgren Pressure Regulator to the repair and rebuilds section
18 August 11 Just updated the History Page and fixed a few things that I missed when I added all the updates. A little bit rusty on HTML.
14 July 11 Added VIAR 2.5 Gallon Air Tank and Hood Light Brackets for the JK.
17 June 11 Updated a few pictures for the AiROCK and added pictures of the inside of an AiROCK ACU for the curious.
16 June 11 Added Bracketron mount and Front Bumper Non-Slip for the JK.
15 June 11 Added JKS rear spring retainers and Hi-Lift Jack cover for the JK.
13 June 11 Added Massage Cushion and Quadratec front floor mats for the JK.
10 June 11 Added Stonehenge Series rear bumper for the JK.
29 April 11 Added Center Console LED lighting for the JK.
27 April 11 Added Rubicon Express extended brake lines for the JK. (for the second time)
14 April 11 Added Silverstar headlights for the JK.
13 April 11 Added Stonehenge Series front bumper for the JK.
25 February 11 Added JK Cowl removal.
24 February 11 I finally had time to get back to this website and start adding updates. I'll probably get one done every couple of weeks and if your seeing this I remembered how to get into my website and actually update it.
22 April 09 Updated Benchmark Design's Dual Battery Tray for the JK and add a couple things into the for sale section
06 March 09 Added ScanGauge II and Benchmark Design's Dual Battery Tray for the JK
25 February 09 Added Support page and Tailgate shock for the JK.
12 January 09 Added Husky Cargo Liner and Rear Cargo D-Rings for the JK. Added Jeep 12 LED Tripod Flashlight.
28 November 08 Updated JK AiROCK Tank and Lines page to include an incab air pressure gauge.
26 November 08 Added Seat Belt Chime Disable to JK Mechanical.
25 November 08 Added Engine Oil Change to mechanical section.
24 November 08 Added JK Anti-sway bar disconnect motor flip, updated AiROCK front suspension install with the wheel well liner cutting.
19 November 08 Added Reprogramming the Remote Keyless Entry Fob for the JK.
12 November 08 Added Tuffy's Center Console Shock for the JK and TJ.
10 November 08 Added Winch Controller Rewire to repairs and rebuilds.
05 November 08 Added Differential cover alignment pins to maintenance section
15 October 08 Added Locking Gas Cap for the JK and TJ
14 October 08 Updated AiROCK wiring harness with the LED install
29 September 08 Added Dual Tire Inflation System for the JK and TJ
04 August 08 Added Woods Steering Stabilizer Relocation Bracket for the JK.
01 August 08 Added Grill Inserts for the JK
27 June 08 Added Warn xd9000i winch rebuild to the repairs section
10 June 08 Added Battery Connectors.
06 June 08 Added Jeep Knives
27 May 08 Updated Kilby's Power Panel, Kilby OBA installation. Added Kilby's Evap Relocation page.
18 April 08 Completely Reworked the site, it was getting too big and needed to be reorganized.
07 November 07 Added Jeep Jerry Can Radio to JK Buildup
27 August 07 Added Tantrum Lighting System, Tuffy Rear Security Drawer, and Tuffy Center Console Insert to JK Buildup
13 August 07 Added sPOD to JK Buildup
30 July 07 Added JK AiROCK to JK Buildup
17 July 07 Added Hood Bumpers to JK Buildup
22 June 07 Updated Spring Deflection, Engine Speed, and Crawl speed pages so that the calculators were actually accessible.
10 May 07 Updated JK First Impressions with some thoughts on the 4 door.
07 May 07 Added Walker Evan's Beadlocks and Mopar Bug Deflector to JK Buildup.
04 May 07 Added BFG Mud Terrains to JK Buildup.
18 April 07 Added Staun Deflators, and Mopar Gas Door to JK Buildup.
16 April 07 Begun updating all the pages with info from the 4 door rubicon JK.
11 April 07 Added AEM Brute Force Intake to JK Buildup.
23 February 07 Okay started fixing links and pages on the site. I had a bad upload and broke a bunch of the links.
15 February 07 Did a bunch of minor fixing to pages. Reorganized the mechanical section that was originally put together for the 2003, moved the stuff that applied to the 03 and 05 over to their sections. Updated the History page since the wife said I needed to buy a 4 door.
20 January 07

Added Daystar Handle holder to the Hi-Lift write up
Added How to change your Differential Oil to all jeep pages

19 January 07

Added Rockcrusher Covers, Mirror Drain Holes and QuickFist Magnetic Mount to JK Build
Fixed the links to the pictures in the other files. Including the pictures in first impressions.

26 December 06 Added Recovery Kit to JK buildup
23 December 06

Added the first of the offroad pictures for the JK.
Updated the Ramp page for the JK.
Added JEEP Slush Mats to JK buildup
Added JEEP Entry Guards to JK buildup

23 November 06 Updated first impressions, rubicon info, mileage, and lubrication and fluids for the JK.
13 November 06 Added first impressions to the JK pages
09 November 06 Started working on the JK pages, Some of the links work, but some information is just in there as place holders until I have more time. I actually hit upload by accident. Opps.
18 October 06 Added Hi-Lift Jack rebuild. Don't have an actual location for this yet, need to rework the website.
24 September 06 Added TBT Gas Tank skid, SafarGard Rear tire carrier bumper to Unlimited Build.
Added Moab 2005 to Unlimited adventures.
13 September 06 Updated History, Old Jeeps
Added Rokmen Unlimited Sliders, Rubicon Express 3.5" Suspension and Step Shield to Unlimited Build
12 September 06 Added Medic Tummy Tuck, Rokmen Unlimited Corners, to Unlimited Build.
30 August 06 Added Rampage D-ring shackle mount, Medic Engine Skid and Toughstuff Limb Risers to Unlimited Build.
28 August 06 Added Ram-Mount to Unlimited Build.
09 August 06 Added Off Road Only's new LightDOT's to Unlimited Build.
10 April 06 Started uploading the new site
01 April 06 Finally took down the old site.

11 Jun 05

Added New Height Sensor to AiROCK and Compressor Oil Change, CCI Service Manual (link to PDF) to OBA in RubiBuild.
07 Jun 05 Updated The Ramp with 4.5 long arm and AiROCK.
05 Jun 05 Added TBT Gas Tank Skid, Rubicon Express Rear Bumper to RubiBuild.
28 May 05 Added 6" AiROCK, Rockhard Rollbar padding to RubiBuild.
Added Steering Stops to Rubi Mechanical.
Added Mod Kitty to RubiVentures.
19 May 05 Updated History, For Sale.
10 Apr 05 Added Kilby's Welder Plate to RubiBuild
31 Mar 05 Added Fender Flares, and Headlights to RubiBuild
24 Mar 05 Added ORO Fairlead, and Air Intake to RubiBuild
23 Mar 05 Added Synthetic Winch Line, and Extra Tow Hook to RubiBuild
31 Jan 05 Added Off Road Only Air System to RubiBuild
03 Jan 05 Added Kilby's On Board Air to RubiBuild
22 Dec 04 Added Off Road Only U-Turn to RubiBuild
07 Dec 04 Updated Off Road Only SwayLOC
22 Nov 04 Added Off Road Only SwayLOC to RubiBuild
20 Nov 04 Added Off Road Only Light Pods to RubiBuild
13 Nov 04 Added Toys By Troy Sport Cage/ Spreader Bars/ Dash bar to RubiBuild
11 Sep 04 Updated Gas Mileage.
10 Sep 04 Added Toys By Troy Front Light Bar to RubiBuild.
25 Aug 04 Added E-Ticket and Embarrassing to the video's section.
Added Toys By Troy Front Stinger Bumper to RubiBuild.
22 Jul 04 Added Kilby's Tank Skid Install to RubiBuild.
Added Off-Road 14 to RubiVentures.
17 May 04 Added Off-Road 13 to RubiVentures.
12 May 04 Added Soft top to RubiMechanical.
Added Tri-County Gear Motor Mount Lift, Tri-County Gear Body LiftCrane Differential Covers, Goferit Motor Mount Lift, JKS Budget Motor Mount Lift, Anti-Sway Bar collars to RubiBuild.
22 Apr 04 Added a bunch of Jokes to the Humor Section.
Added Trail Repairs Section.
Updated Rubicon Tidbits Section about the headlights shining under the hood.
11 Apr 04 Added Magnaflow Muffler section to Rubicon Express 4.5 Long Arm Section
Added 3rd Brake Light Relocation to Dunlop Mud Rovers Page.
23 Mar 04 Added Spidertrax wheel spacers to RubiBuild.
Updated Dunlop mud rovers with some pics.
19 Mar 04 Added Parking Brake and Sentry Key Programming to RubiMechanical
Added Flex shots 2 for the 4.5 Long Arm, Bad Bushings to 3.5" superflex.
Added Lamp codes, paint codes, and generator codes to Rubi Mechanical
18 Mar 04 Added Medic Engine Skid and Water Mist Cooling to RubiBuild
08 Feb 04 Added 2003 Wrangler Torques page to RubMechanical.
Updated Issues section in Rubicon Express 4.5 Long Arm Install.
Added Paint Masking System to Humor. Updated Painless Wiring Harness install after I added fuse's to hot wires.
Added Flex shots for the 4.5 Long Arm
Added Off-Road 12 to RubiVentures
29 Jan 04 Added TCG rear track bar brace to the RubiBuild.
21 Jan 04 Added standoff brackets to the Long Arm page.
04 Jan 04 Added Besttop Trail Cover to RubiBuild and Zerks to RubiMechanical
02 Jan 04 Added the following pages to RubiBuild: Rubicon Express 4.5 Long Arm, and Tom Woods Driveshaft install.
29 Dec 03 Added Dunlop Mud-Rover info to Build up.
18 Nov 03 Added the following pages to RubiBuild: FRS Vehicle Radio, Trailer Wiring harness, Bug Deflector, Wet Okole Seat Covers.
Added page on Parking Brake adjustment.
Added page to Rubiventures. Off-road 11.
22 Oct 03 Added more video's to the video page.
25 Sep 03 Added the pages Champion Battery, and Seat Belt Keepers to buildup.
23 Sep 03 Started to update a few pages in the RubiBuild section.  Added driveshaft alignment to Rubi Mechanical and Off-Road 10 to the RubiVentures section.
10 Aug 03 Completely redone and in it's own Domain as WanderingTrail
15 Nov 02 Birth of the original Web Page - Rubicon03

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