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Jeep Slush Mats

JEEP Slush Mats

Part #: 82210164 (2 door) or 82210166 (4 door)

I was looking for some good rubber mats for the inside of the Jeep.  Now I don’t really need anything that can hold a lot of water, but really wanted something where I would not be standing in any of the water.  There are a few out there that could hold almost 2 inches of water, but why would you want to be standing in 2 inches of water?  I looked at a few of the slush/ mud mats in the local stores, but none of them were shaped to fit the inside of the new JK’s.  I checked with Jeep and they of course had a slush mat designed for the JK’s.  The mats even come with a cool tire pattern on them.  They do have a hole to hook into the carpet hook. Jeep says they are a Dark Slate, they do match up with the carpet very well. I have the Khaki, Dark Khaki interior, but the carpets are the same, so these will match in any Jeep.

Additional Parts:
Black RTV
Painters Tape

Tools Needed:


Here is what comes in the package.
2 door

4 door
Side by Side

Since these had a hole for the carpet hook, I was interested in how much water they would hold. I was able to put about 2 cups of water in them flat, but with them curved I could only get a cup. While rain might be an issue, snow (if you knock your boots off like we were taught by mom) shouldn't be to bad. The one place it drained well was through the hole that the clip fits in.

DSC04223 DSC04224
This is pretty much a brain dead operation.  Vacuum, remove the old mats if you have them, repeat vacuum if needed.  They just unhook from the carpet hook.  Install the new one over the carpet hook.  Step back admire your handy work.
The mat just slips into the rear for the 4 door.

The one thing that is bad about these floor mats is that the front will leak through the hole for the clip and fill up the floor board with water. Not this won't happen much unless you live up north where it snows. For us down south, we still have to deal with the water, but it takes a little. I decided to fill up the hole with black silicone. You will notice small nibs on the bottom of the mat that should keep it in place on the floor with out the use of the clips.
Flip the mat over and cover the hole with a piece of blue painters tape.
Flip the mat back over and fill the hole with black RTV silicone. I would recommend filling a little at a time and letting dry. It will dry faster this way.
Let the silicone dry and then remove the painters tape.
Remove the clip from the floor by lifting up the front edge of it. Push a small flat screw driver in just underneath the upper edge to push the latch back, once it unclips just pull the clip out towards the back.


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