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Rugged Ridge Cable Stop

Rugged Ridge Cable Stop

Part #: 15102.06 (Black) / 15102.05 (Red)

A few times I have managed to suck my hook into the fairlead. While this is dangerous by itself if your hand was holding it, it's really a pain trying to get it back out. I usually ended up having to yank it out with force, not necessarily a good thing for roller fairleads and generally leaves gouges in hawse fairleads. I thought about putting a thimble on the end, but after seeing one cracked I was a little concerned. Now I have seen hooks crack, bend and generally get old, so I will probably go the Thimble route when I replace the steel cable that is currently on my winch. I was running a synthetic line up until a few days ago, but after being on the Jeep for many years it was showing it's age and I decided that I would install a new steel cable that I had. I was also ordering a few things and this only cost a couple of dollars so I threw it in the shopping cart. This is designed for the standard steel cable, or synthetic line 11/32" & 3/8".

Additional Parts:

Tools Needed:
5mm Allen wrench


Here's what showed up. A really cool little box with a bagged package inside. So I opened everything up. It's basically a large rubber clamp with holes for two bolts. Except I was missing a bolt, washer and nut. So I contacted Rugged Ridge and they said they would send a bolt, washer and nut in the mail to me. Cool, so I get a package from Rugged Ridge and it has an old bolt, and rusted nut in it. Hmm no washer. Not like I needed it, I easily pulled one out of my parts bin. You couldn't have sent me a new bolt, washer and nut.
1. Seperate the two halves.
2. Places the two halves around your winch cable near the hook.



3. Install the two bolts into the halves. I found it easy to actually install both bolts in the halves and then place them around the winch cable.
4. Insert one nut into the opposite side and start the screw into the nut. Then place a nut into the other side and start that screw into the nut.
5. Tighten down the bolts alternately to clamp around the winch line. I found that this works better than tightening one side and then the other.


Rugged Ridge

  N-m Ft. Lbs. In. Lbs.

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