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Headlight Adjustment

Headlight Adjustment

(1) Verify headlamps are operational in all modes and illuminated in the low beam setting.
(2) Correct defective components that could hinder proper headlamp alignment.
(3) Verify proper tire inflation.
(4) Clean headlamp lenses.
(5) Verify that luggage area is not heavily loaded.
(6) Fuel tank should be FULL. Add 2.94 kg (6.5 lbs.) of weight over the fuel tank for each estimated gallon of missing fuel.

(1) Position vehicle on a level surface perpendicular to a flat wall 7.62 meters (25 ft.), export vehicles use 10 meters (32.8 ft.), away from front of headlamp lens (Fig. 2).

Headlamp alignment screen - typical

(2) If necessary, tape a line on the floor 7.62 meters (25 ft.), export vehicles use 10 meters (32.8 ft.), away from and parallel to the wall.
(3) Measure from the floor up 1.27 meters (5 ft.) and tape a vertical line on the wall at the centerline of the vehicle. Sight along the centerline of the vehicle (from rear of vehicle forward) to verify accuracy of the line placement.
(4) Rock vehicle side-to-side three times to allow suspension to stabilize.
(5) Jounce front suspension three times by pushing downward on front bumper and releasing.
(6) Measure the distance from the center of headlamp lens to the floor. Transfer measurement to the alignment screen (with tape). Use this horizontal line for up/down adjustment reference.
(7) Place a tape line 130 mm (5.12 in.) below parallel to center of headlamp line.
(8) Measure distance from the centerline of the vehicle to the center of each headlamp being aligned. Transfer measurements to screen (with tape) to each side of vehicle centerline. Use these lines for left/ right adjustment reference.

(1) Place headlamps on LOW beam.
(2) Cover front of the headlamp that is not being adjusted.
(3) Turn the upper, outboard (up/down) adjustment screw (Fig. 3)until the headlamp beam pattern on screen/wall is similar to the pattern depicted in (Fig. 2)
(4) Rotate the lower, inboard (left/right) adjustment screw (Fig. 3) until the headlamp beam pattern on the aiming screen/wall similar to the pattern in (Fig. 2).
(5) Cover front of the headlamp that has been adjusted and adjust the other headlamp beam as instructed above.

Headlamp adjustment screws

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