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Off Road Only LightDOTs

Off Road Only LightDOT's

Part #:

I have always liked the looks of the LED tail lights, but I didn't want to drill holes in the back of the jeep.  I also didn't like that you would loose the side marker light.  I decided that it wasn't worth it to lose the stock lights just to drill 3 holes in the body.  Off Road Only came out with these great LightDOTs that incorporate a side marker light, a brake light/ turn signal, and a backup light.  The greatest part is that they bolt right into the stock mounting holes.  Perfect.  I originally had the prototype LightPOD's on my Jeep and really loved them, but they were prototypes so after a while they started to show their wear. Still worked perfectly fine, but heck the price was still pretty good for us guinea pigs.

Additional Parts:
Tools Needed:
Phillip Screwdriver
Flat Tip Screwdriver
Short Extension
10mm Socket
3/8" Socket
3/16" Allen Wrench
Wire Cutter
Heat Gun / Lighter


Here is what came in my box.  DSC03852
1. Remove the factory light by removing the 4 phillips screws that hold the lens on.  You may need a flat tip screwdriver to carefully pry the lens out of the housing. I had the LightPOD's installed, so I removed them.
Dsc02705.jpg (73486 bytes)
2. Remove the 3 bolts holding the housing to the body.  This will require a 10mm socket. DSC02708.JPG (61463 bytes)
3. Disconnect the wire that comes from the tail light.  The connector has a small clip that you need to press before you pull it apart.  On the Driver side you maybe able to pull the connector through the body, but on the passenger side you will need to reach up under the plastic fender liner to get to it on the '03's and up.
Dsc02709.jpg (60260 bytes)
DSC02711.JPG (64174 bytes)
As you can see the ORO LightPOD is much thinner than the factory tail light.  Your more likely to back into a rock with the bumper than with the light. DSC02713.JPG (63253 bytes)
4. Cut the OEM harness on the tail lights about midway between the housing and the connector.  DSC02714.JPG (61634 bytes)
5. Strip back about 2inches of the plastic shroud to expose the 3 wires.  Strip about 3/8-1/2" of wire. DSC02715.JPG (62771 bytes)
6. Slide the provided heat shrink/ solder connectors onto the 3 wires. I slide them on the LightDOT side of the harness.
7. Now connect the LightPOD wires to the cut harness.  You will need to do an audio splice on the wire. On the TJ's the wires should be coded as below.  The OEM Tail Lights ground through the mounting bolts. 
Left Side:
Tail -- Black with Yellow Tracer
Brake/ Turn -- Green with Red Tracer
Back-up -- Violet with Black Tracer
Right Side:
Tail -- Black with Yellow Tracer
Brake/ Turn -- Brown with Red Tracer
Back-up -- Violet with Black Tracer 
8. The new LightDOT's come with a self piercing clip on the end of the ground wire. Just slide this over the edge of the hole in the body for the wire harness and you have a ground. DSC03859
9. Insert the two socket head cap screw into the LightDOT and hold it up against the Driver Side.  You will need to mark the license plate holder where you will need to cut it.  Cut below this marked line. DSC02717.JPG (59523 bytes) DSC02722.JPG (61507 bytes)
10. You will need to remove the factory license plate holder.  Remove the 4 bolts holding the license plate on, and the 4 bolts below to remove the the holder.  You will need a 10mm socket for the license plate and an extension to reach the holder bolts.
11. Install the LightPOD by first ensuring that the mounting surface is smooth.  The factory mounting may have raised lips due to the OEM bolts.  Tap these flat.    
12. Use the the provided thread cutting machine screw to cut threads for the socket head cap screws.  Lubricating the screws will ease installation.  The Screw requires a 3/8" Socket. DSC02718.JPG (62332 bytes)
13. Now feed the connector through the opening in the body.  On the '03 and up you have the evaporative canister in the passenger rear corner, that you will need to thread the connector down along side.   DSC03857
14. Insert 1 screw through the LightDOT and screw into the body.  Don't screw all the way down.  Insert the other screw and tighten down evenly until LightDOT is seated against the body. DSC03860 DSC03861
15.  Reconnect the harness. DSC02744.JPG (61195 bytes) DSC02745.JPG (60982 bytes)
16. Fit the license plate holder up underneath the LightPOD.  Check for clearance and trim as necessary.  Bolt back in with the original bolts and the 10mm Socket. DSC02740.JPG (61180 bytes)
17. Of course you will need to install the LightDOT stickers onto the lights. Now do I really need to explain this....? DSC03862
18. Install the 2 pieces of reflective tape on the rear corners of your vehicle. I wrapped them around the edge to give a little more reflection off to the side. You will want to stay legal. DSC03863 DSC03864 DSC03865
Finished Product: DSC02707.JPG (60605 bytes) DSC02741.JPG (61318 bytes)
Flasher Mod
1. You can modify the flasher unit if you want to slow down the flash.  You need to remove the housing from around the steering column DSC02749.JPG (63689 bytes)
2. Remove the 2 phillips screws from the underside of the housing.  Its the 1 holes on the top of the first pic.  Then undo the clips on each side.  Then gently remove the housing. DSC02750.JPG (64174 bytes) DSC02751.JPG (61737 bytes)
3. My flasher was covered by a white label.  I just peeled back the label and removed the flasher. DSC02752.JPG (61951 bytes) DSC02753.JPG (62472 bytes)
4. There is an aftermarket flasher that you can buy that will slow down the flash of the LED's but if you were to hit the emergency flashers it will blow a fuse under the hood immediately.  The flasher is #EP-27.  I decided to wait until Off Road Only succeeds in having a flasher made that doesn't blow fuses. The fuse that it blows is #27 MFSW in the box.  
5. The alternative is to modify your Flasher with the directions found on the Mesa4x4 Site. Flasher Mod

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