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Ractive Air Filter

Ractive Air Filter

Part #:

After trying to adjust the position of the OBA system a few times to tighten up the belt correctly I decided that it was time to get rid of the stock air box. I needed to find something that would fit on the stock air tube, and also have a shield around it. I did find some cone filter in the stores, but they were all exposed elements. Well thanks to my neighbor and his little car (we figured it out that his roof was within the ramp limit of my jeeps articulation, though he wasn’t impressed by that fact), I found a suitable air filter for it. His was by Ractive, but I found a similar one at Pepboys by AMP. I may eventually see about getting one of the cool shields from Ractive, but for now I’ll live with the clear one.

Additional Parts:

Tools Needed:
Flat Tip Screwdriver
10mm Combo Wrench
5/16" Socket


1. Remove Air Box
2. Loosen the hose clamp holding the air tube to the air box. This requires a flat tip screwdriver.

DSC03405.JPG (334804 bytes)
3. Pull air tube off air box top and unclamp top of air box. Set aside.

DSC03413.JPG (351311 bytes)
4. Remove air filter
5. Remove 3 bolts holding the air box to fender. This will require a 5/16” socket, extension and a 10mm Combo wrench for the nuts underneath.
DSC03413.JPG (351311 bytes)
DSC03406.JPG (331791 bytes)
6. Remove bottom of air box. (Recommend putting the box back together so you don’t lose any parts)
DSC03414.JPG (328024 bytes)
7. Disconnect the crank case vent line from the air tube.
DSC03404.JPG (357582 bytes)
8. Loosen the hose clamp holding the air tube to the throttle body. This requires a flat tip screwdriver. Remove the air tube.
DSC03403.JPG (344413 bytes)
9. Pull air tube off throttle body.
DSC03407.JPG (348957 bytes)
10. Cut the flexible section off of the air tube with a hacksaw. (put this section with the air box) I would recommend cutting it about ½” back from the edge of the flexible section if for some reason you want to later reinstall the air box, you can put a rubber coupling on this section to join it with the stock air tube.
DSC03409.JPG (323196 bytes)
11. Insert new cone filter over end of air tube and tighten hose clamp. This requires a flat tip screwdriver.
Dsc03408.jpg (489544 bytes)
DSC03410.JPG (332082 bytes)
12. Position air tube back onto throttle body and tighten hose clamp. This requires a flat tip screwdriver.
DSC03403.JPG (344413 bytes)
13. Connect crank case vent line onto air tube.
DSC03404.JPG (357582 bytes)
14. The tube is ridged enough that it supports the weight of the filter.
DSC03412.JPG (329731 bytes)
DSC03411.JPG (350610 bytes)

Driving impressions: At idle and low speed there is a definite whistle under the hood. The one thing I noticed is at 35mph in 5th gear I would get an engine lug before, but now it’s all but gone away. Yes, I can run 35mph, 5th gear, stock 4.11’s, on 35’s now.

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