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Quick Fist Roll Bar Tool Mount 90050

Quick Fist Roll Bar Tool Mount

Part #: 90050

I wanted the ability to carry my large fire extinguishers on some extended outings out into the rugged wilderness (wifes term for camping overnight), but I didn't want to permanently mount it into the Jeep. I already had a bunch of Quick Fist products and decided to see if they made anything that I could use. They actually had a Roll Bar Tool Mount that looked promising. So I decided to give it a try. They come two per package and can mount either the original Quick Fist (10010) or the Super Quick Fist (20020).

The Quick Fist Roll Bar Tool Mount allows you to attach tools and equipment to your roll bar. Quick Fist mounts can attach virtually anywhere on your vehicle to hold tools and other objects securely in place. They stay secure when you need them secure and open quickly and easily when you need your gear. All Quick Fist Clamps are made of heavy transportation grade rubber. They are not affected by hot or cold climates and they are UV resistant and are fantastic for securing all your overland gear both inside and outside your vehicle.

Additional Parts:

Painters tape

Tools Needed:

X/XX" Combo wrench
5/16" Nut Driver or
Large Flat Tip Screwdriver or
Drill with a 5/16" socket (much easier)
#2 Phillips Screwdriver


What's in the Package:
ncludes two mounts, a rubber protectors for the hose clamps, band clamps, and a bunch of screws for mounting your quick fists to them. The hose clamps are stainless and the nuts and bolts appear to be also. I haven't seen any rust yet from them.
The Super Quick Fist

DO NOT INSTALL ON ANY PART OF A ROLL BAR THAT IS HIGHER THAN THE BACK OF THE FRONT SEAT. This minimizes life threatening objects from hitting an occupant in a roll-over.

It is best to attach the QUICK FIST Roll Bar Mounts as low as possible on your roll bar. Bottles like Fire extinguishers or C02 tanks should touch a deck or floor of the vehicle.

1. Bolt the QUICK FIST clamp to the Roll Bar Mount so that the bolt comes from the base of the Mount, and the washer and nut are on top of the rubber clamp. Repeat for the second mount. You will need a #2 Phillips Screwdriver and a X/XX" combo wrench.  
2. Open one of the hose clamps and feed the end through the Delrin Mount just above the base, close to the middle hole.
3. Loosely install the mount and hose clamp around the roll bar. This makes it much easier to get a hold of later while your trying to hold the rubber strip in place.
4. Wrap the rubber strip around the roll bar where the Mount will be attached. The rubber will protect your roll bar from scratches and eliminates movement caused by rough terrain. Trim any overlap leaving about ¼” gap between the ends of the rubber strip. You can tape this in place if your wrapping around just a roll bar, but since I was also going around the fabric that bunches tape wouldn't work, so I just end up holding it in place.
5. Now that your holding everything in place with one hand, grab the 5/16" nut driver or flat tip screw driver and tighten the hose clamp. Repeat this step since you probably placed those items out of reach. I chucked up a bit in my drill and just spun the hose clamp tight. Tighten the hose clamp so that its screw is where the two ends of the rubber meet. Remove tape.
6. Repeat with the other Mount. You will need to check bolt tightness occasionally.
Fire extinguisher installed. This did ride fairly well while I had it installed for the trip, but if I were to leave it in for an extended time frame I would have installed a metal bracket to keep the extinguisher from slipping down and out of the Quick Fist clamps.
Note: It is recommended that you mount anything heavy with a bracket to hold the bottom, or so that it sits on the floor.
This mount works well with a hard top, or if you intend to leave the soft top up. You will not be able to put the soft top down with this installed. The bows will hit both sides of the mount. You can force the outers past the edge, but the inner bows will not go past without disconnecting them from the roll bar.
You can use these to mount a High Lift Jack:
Installation of a High Lift Jack: Using a 5/16” bit (do not oversize the drill bit), drill out the center hole in the Roll bar Mount and the mounting hole in the center of the original QUICK FIST Clamp. First insert a washer over the interior middle hole. Then insert a 3“ x 5/16” stainless steel bolt that is entirely threaded (not supplied), add a washer and nut. Tighten. Push the QUICK FIST clamp onto the 3” bolt all the way to the nut. Add a washer and nut and tighten. Follow 2-6 above. Mount the High lift bar on the two bolts and lock in place by closing each of the QUICK FIST clamps around the bar (under the handle).


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