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QuickFist Magnetic Mounts

MagLite Magnetic Mount

Part #:

I saw this idea on 4x4xplor and thought it was a great addition to the gadget list.  The original Write-up was done by: Doug aka Thumps 09/20/03 and is available on 

There are many ways to mount a MagLite in a vehicle.  The MagLite plastic clips screwed into something, zip ties (hard to remove light), Velcro straps, rubber brackets, and even really fancy billet holders.  All of these are great for holding the MagLite inside the vehicle, but what happens when you have to crawl under the vehicle at night and work on something with both hands?  Holding that 3 D-cell MagLite in your mouth is difficult and of course getting someone to hold it for you is fortunate if they are there.  Then I saw the write up on 4x4xplor and that gave me another idea.  I used the Quick Fist® holders on my Rokmen slider install and really liked the flexibility and holding power of these mounts.  They definitely hold up better than the plastic clips that you can get for the MagLites.

The Quick Fist® holder comes in three different sizes: 
Super Quick Fist (Holds 2 1/2" to 9 1/2" in diameter, 50lbs). quick fist
Quick Fist (Holds 1" to 2 1/2" in diameter, 22lbs).
mini quick fist
Mini Quick Fist (1/2" to 1" in diameter)
size comparison
Size Comparison


Additional Parts:
Magnetic cup holders (20lb cap) - (2)
#10x3/4” Panhead machine screws (2)
#10 Nyloc Nuts (2)
#10 Washers (2)
Contact paper / or laminating paper
D-Cell MagLite (you can color coordinate to a point)
Quick Fist® (Pack of 2)

Tools Needed:
Phillips screwdriver
Scissors (razor blade)
Drill Bits

Here is what you get in the package. Two QuickFist's® and two rectangular washers.
2 quick fists
Here are all the parts you will need
quick fist and cup holder
Lay the magnet on the contact or laminating paper and cut a circle slightly larger than the outside diameter of the magnet. It is much easier to cut before the QuickFist®.
marking circle on laminating paper cut out circle

Remove the hook from the Magnetic holder.  Pull off the backing from the magnet (we will use felt later).  I just simply clamped the hook with a vise grip, and drilled out the back of the holder for the hook.  The holder was soft metal, so holding it with the vice grip and drilling was really easy.  If you have access to a vice I would recommend clamping it in the vice so that you don’t accidentally drill something important.

cup holder
bottom paper removed
clamp hook in vice grips
drill out hook base

Insert a #10x3/4" panhead machine screw through the plastic washer and then the Quick Fist®.  You will notice that the plastic washer is beveled to accept the machine screw.

install plastic washer on quick fist
screw through quick fist
another view of screw

Insert this into the Magnetic base and install the Nylock nut with a Phillips screwdriver and socket.

screw into magnetic base with nylock nut
Now check to see if the screw or Nylock nut is sticking down beyond the bottom of the magnet. 
checking length of screw
If the screw is, you will need to cut off the end with the Dremel.  A hacksaw will work, but you would need to remove the screw to complete it.  Take care with the Dremel.  Cut a little and then let it cool off so that you do not melt the Nylock Nut. Now if they Nyloc sticks out, you may need to swich to a lockwasher and nut, or nut and loktite.
cut off flush with base
Now take that piece of contact paper or laminating paper that you cut earlier and apply it to the bottom of the magnet.
installing laminating paper on base
paper installed
A quick test to see how strong the magnet was. It easily holds the MagLite to the side of the refrigerator.
one quick fist holding flashlight to refrigerator

It even holds it to the frame of the Jeep with one.

1 quick fist on frame
1 quick fist under body
And even better with two of them installed on the MagLite.
2 quick fist holding flashlight on frame
2 quick fists holding flashlight on body
I have left the mounts attached to the flashlight for the moment, while I try and figure out a good mounting point for the other set of QuickFists that I bought. The cupholder magnets are not strong enough to secure the QuickFists and allow you to pull the flashlight out of the holder. I am still looking for a set of magnetic tool bases for them. The JK does not have many areas that you can attach the magnets so for the moment these will just be left in the bag for when I need them
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