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JK Cabin Air Filter

JK Cabin Air Filter

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I decided that I really didn't have a need for automatic temperature control in my Jeep, but I did want to have air filtration for the vents. Normally it sits on full cold, or full hot anyways. Now while cabin air filteration normally doesn't help with the dust on the trail when you have the top off, it does help when your making that drive back and you decide to turn on the A/C. Nothing like having the vents blow a ton of dust into your face. So since the Automatic temperature control feature comes with air filters on the 2012 models, I did a little digging and discovered that the filters fit into the manual temperature control Jeeps also. I believe that you can actually fit these into a 2011 model also..

Additional Parts:
(2) MOPAR Cabin Filter 55111302AA

Tools Needed:


The Parts:
1. Open and remove the glove box. You will need to press in on both sides of the open glovebox to get the two plastic stop pins past the edge of the dash.

2. The bottom just fits inside two tabs on the bottom of the dash. Hopefully you already emptied the glovebox, otherwise the contents will most likely be sitting on your floorboard. Just pull the glovebox out of the taps and put it aside.

3. Open up the lower part of the mesh screen covering the HVAC air plenum for the vent motor. You will need to push down slightly and then pull the tabs out towards you. The left door will open all the way, the right only a couple of inches. There is still plenty of room to slide the filters in.
3a. You may need put the key in the on position and cycle the ventilation to open up the shield for the recirc.

4. Insert the two (2) filters into their seperate trays inside the ventilation. The arrows on the filters should be pointing down.
5. Close everything back up, reinstall the glovebox and put everything back in it. Enjoy your filtered air for the Jeep.



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