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Jeep 12 LED Tripod Flashlight

12 LED Tripod Flashlight

Part #:

I saw this at Wal-mart and just had to pick it up.  I really didn’t need it, but I didn’t have a small flashlight with a tripod in the Jeep

Additional Parts:
Antibiotic ointment

Tools Needed:



1. Get out the scissors and carefully cut the plastic packaging.  Be careful not only is the plastic edge sharp, but so are the scissors.
Note: If you are hiding this from your wife, you might want to clean up any droplets, and not go in the house for medical supplies.

2. Break out all the parts.

3. Screw the flashlight holder on to the tripod base.  The base has flexible legs.  Feels like a segmented rod inside the plastic coating.  The flashlight holder tilts, but does not allow the flashlight to fold back, so you will need to remove the flashlight to store it. It does have what looks like a small belt clip on the side.

4. Unscrew the base of the flashlight and install 3 AAA batteries into the battery holder. 

The battery holder only inserts easily one way.  You can try to jam it in other ways. 

5. Screw the base back on to the flashlight.

6. Test out the flashlight.  It is kind of bright.  Jeep says 150candle with new batteries. Now if you were dumb enough to shine it in your face wait until the spots clear from your vision. 

7. Place the flashlight on the tripod.  There is a T groove in the handle of the flashlight near the head that slides into the tripod mount.

8.  Marvel at your creation.

9. Now take it apart and stow it away.  I just put mine in the cubby in the back.



  N-m Ft. Lbs. In. Lbs.

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