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Electronic Compass Mirror


Special Thanks to Jim Conforti for finding the part numbers for us and doing the original installation.  This has been adapted off of his instructions and the 2003 FSM.  This will work on a Rubicon, or any 2003 TJ that could come with it as an option.  (To tell, look down in front of your radiator from the outside and look for a harness with a plug sort of lonely by itself on the driver side)

Additional Parts:
1) Mirror, Inside 55156197-AA
2) Bracket Ambient 56047123-AB
3) Sensor Ambient 56042395
4) Wiring, Mirror 56047087-AC
5) (2) M6 - 1.0 x .25 Body Bolts
Tools Needed:
T-20 Torx screwdriver
Flat Tip screwdriver
Phillips screwdriver
10mm socket


wire harness     sensor and bracket
Wiring Harness: If you have a soft top you will need to put it down.
Move sun visors out of the way.
2. Unscrew the T-20 Torx screw from the bottom of the mirror base and remove the old mirror. undo the mirror
3. Pull off center trim section on top of windshield by carefully inserting a screwdriver in behind it.  There are (4) clips that hold it in place.  If one of the clips come off, just remove it with a pair of pliers. pull off the windshield channel
removing the clips
4. Pull up the center dash cowl cover, buy gently prying up on one side and working your way across. remove the defroster panel
5. Remove the (2) hand bolts that hold the passenger side door surround to the roll bar and remove the passenger side door surround. remove the door surrounds
6. Remove the Passenger side visor. remove visor
7. Remove (3) Phillips screws from the passenger side A-pillar trim remove windshield molding
8. You will need to push the top seal retaining clip out of the surround with a screwdriver.  Take it slow so that you don't damage anything. unclip rubber seal
9. Take a look at the plugs on the wiring harness so that you have the right side for dash connector.  Don't connect this yet.  Now route the harness through the clips on the dash.  Then insert the push clips into the holes provided in the A-pillar and windshield frame.  This should leave you with the mirror connector just hanging in the center of the windshield.   factory electrical connection
connect new harness install windshield clips install wire wire along top of windshield

10. You can now place all the trim and door surround back except for the cowl cover piece.  The center trim section for the windshield has a locator pin on it, so make certain it goes in the hole and that your mirror connector goes through the little slot in the bottom.  

reinstall clips on header molding reinstall molding run wire out bottom of molding
11. Install the new mirror and clip the connector into it. Reinstall the T-20 Torx screw.  Be careful tightening the screw down, you can crack the windshield if you tighten it to much.  It should be just tight enough to stop the mirror from moving around.  
12. Now plug in the dash connector. plug in dash connector
13. Replace the cowl cover.  


Temperature Sensor
1. Look thru the grille (second slot in on driver side) and down into the bottom for the wire and connector.  
looking inside grill
2. You will need to unhook this plug.  It is held in by a plastic connector, I think they call them trees, from the bottom.  I got mine out by pushing it up and through from underneath.   I pulled back the rubber splash strip from underneath the radiator remove rubber plug
3. Install the sensor to the bracket with one of the body bolts (10mm socket) mount sensor on bracket
4. Now connect the wiring harness to the sensor and thread the bracket back into the grill.  
5. Bolt the bracket back inside the grill with the second body bolt.  


Getting the whole thing to work.
Variance: (You must set this before you can calibrate the compass.)
Turn the ignition On, and press and hold the center button of 3 to 6 seconds.  The last variance zone number will be displayed (Z#).  Each press of the center button will select a new variance zone.  When the proper zone is selected, wait 5 seconds to resume normal operation.  See Owners Manual page 44 for variance map.

Variance map
This is the Variance map from the FSM.

Turn the ignition On, and press and hold the center button for 6 seconds to change the display between VAR (compass variance) and CAL (compass calibration) modes.  To recalibrate the compass, CAL should be displayed for a complete one and a half 360 degree turns in an area free from large metal objects or power lines.  When the compass has been calibrated, CAL symbol will turn off and the compass will function normally.

This page last updated: 16-Apr-2008

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