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xd9000i Warn Winch Installation

Warn xd9000i Winch

Part #:

I am once again installing my old winch on another Jeep.  This winch has gotten me out of more trouble, saved me from my own stupidity, and rescued my friends from themselves countless times.  Since this is a re-installation I will skip the steps of unpack the winch and plate, bolt fairlead to plate, bolt winch to plate.  That is all to simple.  Okay keeping the little nuts in the winch while you try to screw in a bolt is a PITA.  Don't forget to anti-seize these.  It is even worse when you try to take it apart for some reason.

Additional Parts:
6 stainless steel washers, 
2 M10 1.50x50mm bolts (40mm may work)
2 M10 1.50 washers 
Tools Needed:
T-55 Torx Socket
15mm Socket
3/8" Socket
Adjustable wrench


1. Remove the plastic Jeep cover that sits behind the front bumper by removing the 2 3/8" screws from each side.  After it is removed put some anti-seize on the screws and reinstall them in the holes.  This will keep some of the water out of the frame.
front cover cover side screws
2. Remove the 4 top T-55 Torx bolts holding the bumper on and the front (2) 15mm bolts for the anti-sway bar brackets.  I needed longer bolts to replace the last 2.  You will see why in a moment.
remove sway bar bolt
3. Place 3 washers over the hole for the anti-sway bar bracket.  These will be used to level out the height difference them and the bumper.  Otherwise the winch will lean back into the grill when you tighten up the bolts.  This will scrape off the paint, bend the grill slats and when the body move around do even more damage to it.  This is where I needed the longer bolts.
washers as spacers
4. Position the winch over the top of the bolt holes and thread the power cable down between the grill and the anti-sway bar.
routeing cables
5.  Anti-seize all the bolts and thread them back in.  I used a crossing pattern to tighten them up. 
6.  Now all that is left is to thread the power cables up to the battery and attach them.
cables inside engine compartment
Finished Project
side view winch front view winch


  N-m Ft. Lbs. In. Lbs.


108 80 -

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