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Jeep Bug Deflector

MOPAR Bug Deflector

Part #: 82202160

I got tired of having bugs commit suicide against my windshield and rock chips to the front edge of the hood.  I also heard about the possibility of quieting down the flapping of my soft top, I decided to put one of these on.  Now I can impersonate a mall cruiser.  I do know that it changed the air flow pattern over the hood, so I don't know how well an air intake scoop would work in conjunction with this.

Additional Parts:
Touch up paint
Tools Needed:
1/8" drill bit
Phillips Screwdriver


Make certain that you have all the parts: bug deflector
1. After giving the hood a good cleaning.  You will need to lay out the supplied hood template.  Make certain that you get it centered.  It goes right to the bottom front edge of the hood. template on hood
2.  Now clean out the indicated spots with the alcohol swab and attached the 4 rubber hood bumpers.  Don't worry about the template, you'll probably rip it taking it off anyways.  The bumpers sit on the down turned edge of the hood. bumpers installed
3. Now open up the hood and find the center of the underside.  I just put the bug deflector up on it and lined it up on both sides.  It has a little tang in the center of the bug deflector to help out.
4. Center the bug deflector up on the hood, making certain that the vent holes are just forward of the hood edge.
5. Mark the position of the 4 screws.
6. Remove the bug deflector and drill the 4 holes with the 1/8" drill bit. drilling holes
7. Clean up the holes and apply a little touch up paint to prevent any rust from forming.  Wait a little while for the paint to set up before proceeding.
8.  Now reposition the bug shield.  Insert the screw in the retainers and screw the bug shield in position.  Be careful to not over torque the screws you may crack the deflector.  The retainers will just start to deform.  Do not use a power screwdriver. install screws and plastic washers
oblique view front view side view

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