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Mag-Lite Clamps


Part #: 3 D-Cell Mag

We all need to have a flashlight at times.   I have had this Mag-Lite for many years and it has survived my abuse so once again it populated itself to my Jeep.  Works great, haven't killed it yet.  This Mag-lite is a war veteran, Desert Storm and Afghanistan.  It had to sit out the War in Iraq the second time around.

Additional Parts:
Mag-lite Clips
Tools Needed:
Phillips Screwdriver


I always hated trying to find a place to put a flashlight in a Jeep.  Stick it here, stow it there.  Generally it just rolled around and was never close at hand when you needed it.  Luckily there is a convenient spot close at hand just perfect for a 3 cell Mag-Lite.  Here is where I put it.  Right below the 4wd shift lever is a nice flat spot on the side of the console with nothing behind it.  (Check yours before you screw into it.)  front console
I used 2 clips from Mag-Lite, just lined them up, and zipped in the 4 screws.  Now the console does move a little when you pull it out on the 2003, it didn't move on the 98 or 99 that I had.  The older console had a small foot that stuck out from the front and grabbed the carpet, this one doesn't so that might account for the movement.  brackets installed
The great thing is that the light is close at hand and hasn't come loose at all.  I have stepped on it and broken a mount clip, but that was because I was in a hurry and didn't look where I stepped. mag lite installed

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