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Warn Differential Skids

Warn Differential Cover

Part #:

I was originally going to put the Avalanche Differential protectors on, when Warn released their skids.  Now I have never managed to hit the top of my differential on anything, but I have hit almost every spot on the bottom of a differential.  I really wanted a full face skid and not just protection for the lip and ring gear.  The fact that the Warn skids were half the price didn't hurt.   These skids provide a full face protection, reinforcement to the lower lip of the cover, and give an angle to ride up and over obstacles.  If you are wondering how this protects the differential cover from pealing back when you catch a rock it is easy.  The Warn skid sandwiches the diff cover between it's mounting plate and the housing.  My differential covers did not hand down beyond the edge of the housing so it would already be hard for a rock to damage it.  I believe that these will take a good hit before any damage is done to the differential cover.

Additional Parts: (Possibly)
Red Mopar Silicone Rubber Sealant
70W-140 Synthetic Oil
Mopar Friction Modifier
Tools Needed:
1/2" Socket
3/16" Allen Wrench
Torque Wrench


front view bottom view top view side view
1. Carefully remove the 5 bolts from bottom of the differential with a 1/2" socket. front diff rear diff
2. Now bolt the cover on with the supplied 3/16" Allen head screws. installed front installed rear
3. As you can see the clearance is good in the front and in the back.  These are pictures from before the lift. rear clearance rear clearance rear clearance
UPDATE: I did eventually develop a small leak from both the front and rear.  The front has been fixed already, and the rear will be when I get the oil changed in it.  
If you break your seal, you will need to remove the entire cover and reseal it.  Apply a 1/4 in. bead of red Mopar Silicone Rubber Sealant or equivalent to the housing cover.  You will need to refill with 70W-140 Synthetic oil and possibly the friction modifier.  I know the dealership put the modifier in the front axle after they replaced my axle seal.

CAUTION: If housing cover is not installed within 3 to 5 minutes, the cover must be cleaned and new RTV applied or adhesion  quality will be  compromised.


  N-m Ft. Lbs. In. Lbs.

Fill Plug 

34 25 -
Drain Plug 34 25 -
Differential Cover Bolts 41 30 -
WARN BOLTS - 17-19 -

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