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Fog light defeat


Lot of us off-road at night and the more light the better at times.  I can understand the reasons why we don't run our fog lights with high beams, federal law I believe, but why not leave it to our responsibility to turn them off and on.  The question becomes how do we make our fog lights stay on when we turn on the high beams.  You may have seen a couple of different ways, jumper wires, bending over one of the pins, cutting things, but there is a better way, and best of all it looks like nothing was ever done from the outside.  The fog lamp relay is just that a relay, now you can either jumper it out, or jam it.  Hmm, if I jam it nobody will know the better. 

Additional Parts:
Thin piece of plastic
Tools Needed:
(2) Small flat tip screwdriver


1. Look under the hood and open up the engine electrical box.  

Fog light relay

remove fog light relay
2. Find the fog lamp relay and pull it out.  relay electrical diagram
3. Now comes the difficult part.  Look at the bottom of the relay, you will see how the top clips on to the base.  Carefully pry under the edge of the outer housing with the screwdrivers and pull off the top.  

tabs on side of relay

bottom of relay
4. Once you get the top off you will see a coil of wire with an arm on the one side.  You can push on the arm and watch it move.  We need to cut a thin piece of plastic and slide it between the arm and the end of the coil.

cover removed

closeup of relay
5. Once you have that done, you can either test it, or put the cover back on and then test it, up to you. 
For you wiring diagram types, 

wiring diagram

wiring diagram close
Hmm, plausible excuse why your fogs are on with your high beams, bad relay, must get that replaced.  Then again you could always be a responsible individual and just admit that yep my fogs were on and take the blame.

This page last updated: 16-Apr-2008

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