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Ron's Jeep Lineage

Let me introduce myself. I am Ron Seegert a Retired Navy Chief Gas Turbine Tech. I have acquired an extensive mechanical background over the last 21 years, all the way from gas engines to jet engines, gear trains, pumps and tons of other equipment. I have owned 9 different jeeps and have worked on all of them. Along with many of my friend's jeep's that for some unknown reason flocked their way to my garage. I did enjoy the many free diners, just to work on something that I would have done for free. Don't let them know that though.

Christmas 2000.  This is the one that my wife owes me for.  She finally got her Grand Cherokee.  The 6th Jeep is a 1997 5.2L Grand Cherokee Laredo.  This one will most likely see just dirt roads for a long time and the only rocks most likely will be gravel on the side of the road.  

October 2002.  I had gotten the okay to do locker, axles, transfer case, transmission, rims, tires and a few other items to the drive train of my '99 TJ.  When the innocent question came up "Do you still want a Rubicon?"  "Yes!" "Then go buy one."  So off went the '99 and home came a 5 speed Patriot Blue Rubicon from Don Dawson Jeep in Pensacola.  I really liked the Auto, but I had gotten tired of standing on the brakes all the time.  I really love my wife, but I don't think I am getting anything for Christmas.   I guess we are even for the Christmas presents.   

May 2004. Well the Grand Cherokee left this month along with the now Ex-Wife, I hope the Jeep comes back....

September 2004 just one day before Hurricane Ivan gave Pensacola, FL a good shot, the ex returns my Grand Cherokee, she bought a Liberty. It survived the storm in good condition. Of course it needed tires, fluid maintenance, suspension work, alignment, a wash, wax and interior cleaning, but at least I have it back.

January 2005 Well the Grand finally died.  I didn't believe that someone could just ignore a vehicle so bad.  Poor Jeep, hopefully it's good parts show up in another Grand somewhere.

April 2005..  Everything has it's price.  The 2003 Rubicon which was the center of this web page has been sold.  So this trail is closed.

April 2005  A NEW TRAIL!  I had wanted a Rubicon Unlimited for some time and since I had sold the old one I had no reasons not to buy a brand new one.  I saw the Sahara edition Unlimited's on the lot and just happened to be in the dealership the morning a brand new 6 speed was being unloaded from the truck.  Of course I had to properly test this one out, so 1 week later I put it on the rocks in Moab, UT.

April 2006 well I decided to get married again, this one's not a Jeep chick, but I'm working on it.

October 2006 my new 2 Door JK Rubicon is sitting in my garage. This should be interesting.

February 2007 discovered an interesting thing about the 2 door, you really can't put a baby seat in the back and get a baby into it with any ease. The wife told me to go get a 4 door since I will have to pick the little one up on the way home. I almost feel like a kid at christmas.

April 2007 So now a new 4 door sits in the driveway. Time to reinstall all the parts from the 2 door.

February 2011 Well some time has gone bye since I worked on this site. I apologize to everyone out there that still visits and takes a look at what I have here. I had decided to go back to college and get another degree and at the same time my wonderful son was born. So life came at me and a few things got dropped by the wayside. The wife is still not a Jeep chick, but I have already converted my son.

June 2011 A new Jeep has been added to the garage. A Jeep Hurricane. Okay, it's just a Power Wheels for my son, but this thing is cool. And Yes I have already looked at how to modify it... Hmmm 18vdc battery, LED lights, Horn, Water gun... Muhaha...

April 2012 A New 4-door Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. This time I got my Yellow one.

This page last updated: 25-Apr-2012

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